American Revolution Interactive Notebook Unit


NINE American Revolution Lessons (196 pages) of Nonfiction Informational Text with a balanced mix of engaging hands-on activities + SEVENTEEN INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK ASSIGNMENTS to focus on causes of the Revolutionary War, Famous Revolutionists, American Revolution Battles in the North and South, the Declaration of Independence, and the end of the American Revolution:

Lesson 1: The English Colonies
Lesson 2: The French and Indian War
Lesson 3: The Proclamation of 1763
Lesson 4: Struggle for Power
Lesson 5: Preparing for Battle
Lesson 6: The American Revolution Begins
Lesson 7: The Declaration of Independence
Lesson 8: American Revolution Battles in the North
Lesson 9: American Revolution Battles in the South


• Questions after each lesson to assess Informational Text Comprehension
• Thought-Provoking Discussion Questions to stimulate Critical Thinking
• Reference Map Skills – Cardinal and Intermediate Directions
• Ordered Pairs – plot Northern Battles on a Coordinate Grid
• Differentiating between Primary and Secondary Sources
• Expository, Creative, and Journal Writing Assignments
• American Revolution Time Lines
• Caesar Rodney and Benjamin Franklin Biographies and Questions
• American Revolution Vocabulary Activities and Quizzes

Students will then use the American Revolution Content to complete SEVENTEEN Interactive Notebook Assignments. All patterns and step-by-step instructions included:

•  TWO One-Pocket Vocabulary Organizers
•  ONE English Colonies Circle Chart and Flip Book
•  ONE Vocabulary Booklets
•  ONE French and Indian War Four-Fold Organizer
•  THREE Vocabulary Flaps
•  ONE Chief Pontiac Find the Fib Game and Pocket Organizer
•  TWO Vocabulary Foldables
•  ONE Struggle for Power Interactive Time Line
•  TWO Patriots and Loyalists Foldables
•  ONE Declaration of Independence Pocket Time Line
•  ONE Benjamin Franklin Journal Page and Interactive Booklet
•  ONE Treaty of Paris Circle Web and Cube

During their study of the American Revolution, students will be introduced to famous Loyalists and Patriots King George III, General Jeffrey Amherst, Paul Revere, Ethan Allen, Thomas Jefferson, General George Washington, and many other famous historical figures.

We’ve included a context-appropriate Glossary, Answer Pages, and Grading Rubrics for the higher-level Interactive Notebook and Writing Assignments.

The American Revolution, aligned with the 3rd-5th Grade READING, WRITING, and LANGUAGE Standards is one of NINE units in our American History Interactive Notebook Series.  Purchase this Unit separately or save money and get FREE SHIPPING by purchasing one of our AMERICAN HISTORY BUNDLES OR CLASSROOM PACKAGES.

Download the American Revolution Preview to see the complete Table of Contents, Lesson Plans, Standard Alignment and samples from the American Revolution Lessons and Activities.




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