Arizona 3rd Grade History – Package 1



  • Teacher’s Edition 10 units with 42 reproducible Geography, History, Civics, Economy, and Financial Literacy lessons – no additional textbook needed – all nonfiction informational content included!
  • Teacher’s Resource – reproducible higher and lower level hands-on activities, 56 Interactive Notebook assignments, Vocabulary Quizzes, answer pages, and grading rubrics.
  • 20 Student Editions  – each child in your small classroom has his or her own non-consumable book with the 42 Arizona lessons as well as direction pages for the activities and Interactive Notebook assignments – purchasing Student Editions will save you from copying more than 400 pages for each student!  The copyright of the Student Editions does not extend to making copies or sharing between classrooms – please order one per student.

Our materials are NO PREP – simply print and learn!

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