Charlotte’s Web Novel Study


CHARLOTTE’S WEB is a 95-page Novel Study that spans the entire curriculum for an in-depth literature study of the book Charlotte’s Web by e.b. White.

We’ve packed Charlotte’s Web with a balanced mix of higher and lower level hands-on Charlotte’s Web activities that include:

  • Charlotte’s Web chapter questions in two formats: multiple choice and short answer
  • thought-provoking discussion questions for stimulating prior knowledge
  • Charlotte’s Web vocabulary cards, quizzes, and context clues activities
  • reference map skills using cardinal and intermediate directions
  • character webs for Wilbur and Charlotte
  • Charlotte’s Web 3D Craft 1: miniature Zuckerman’s barn~all patterns included!
  • Charlotte’s Web 3D Craft 2: spaghetti spider web~all patterns included!
  • sequencing activity~Wilbur’s daily planner~all patterns included!
  • math problem solving involving basic operations, money, time, and graphing
  • grid math using coordinate pairs to solve a mystery puzzle
  • how-to-draw activities with step-by-step directions to practice functional text comprehension
  • project-based writing activities to “wrap up” the study of Charlotte’s Web
  • elements of Charlotte’s Web literature including personification and imagery

We have also included a Charlotte’s Web context-appropriate glossary, answer pages, reproducible Charlotte’s Web character bookmarks, and certificates to give students upon completion of the Charlotte’s Web literature study.

Download the Charlotte’s Web Literature Study Preview to see the complete Table of Contents, Lesson Plans, and sample Activities.




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