First Grade Language Unit


Our 1st Grade Language Unit is packed with 208 pages and includes 22 complete Grammar Lessons and 22 FULL COLOR Content Posters aligned with the First Grade Language Standards. Each lesson features high interest content, hands-on cut and paste activities that are perfect for Interactive Language Notebooks, Sentence Writing practice, plus FIVE FULL COLOR Language Games ready for you to print, laminate, and use in your classroom.


• a short Reading Passage – read as a whole group and then in small groups
• a traceable card highlighting Main Ideas and Details
• cut and paste Sentence Writing Activity
• an Extension Language Writing Activity or FULL COLOR Language Game

We’ve provided all of the Content with plenty of hands-on Standard-aligned practice for students to grasp the 1st Grade Language Standards:

Lesson 1: Nouns
Lesson 2: Proper Nouns
Lesson 3: Possessive Nouns
Lesson 4: Singular and Plural Nouns
Lesson 5: Personal Pronouns
Lesson 6: Possessive Pronouns
Lesson 7: Indefinite Pronouns
Lesson 8: Present Tense Verbs
Lesson 9: Past Tense Verbs
Lesson 10: Future Tense Verbs
Lesson 11: Adjectives
Lesson 12: Conjunctions
Lesson 13: Articles
Lesson 14: Demonstratives
Lesson 15: Prepositions
Lesson 16: Declarative Sentences
Lesson 17: Interrogative Sentences
Lesson 18: Exclamatory Sentences
Lesson 19: Imperative Sentences
Lesson 20: Commas
Lesson 21: Context Clues
Lesson 22: Prefixes

We’ve included a CD in the back of the book with 22 FULL COLOR Content Posters and TWO FULL COLOR 1st Grade Language games.  In addition, you will find Lesson Plans, Answer Pages, and Grading Rubrics for the Writing activities.

The First Grade Language Unit can be purchased separately, or save money by purchasing BOTH of our First Grade Language Titles in our FIRST GRADE LANGUAGE BUNDLE.

Download the Preview to see the complete Table of Contents, Lesson Plans, Sample Lessons, Activities, and Posters for this 1st Grade Language Unit.  




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