Illinois History Unit


ILLINOIS HISTORY was designed for teachers and homeschool parents searching for a literacy-based Illinois History unit aligned with the Common Core Standards and Illinois’s Learning Standards for Social Science, English Language Arts, and Math.

Illinois History begins its journey through history with the first people in Illinois and ends with Statehood and the Illinois system of Government. Along the way, students will learn about the fascinating people who once called Illinois home and their struggles to make
Illinois the great state that it is today.

Lesson 1: First People in Illinois
Lesson 2: The Fur Trade
Lesson 3: Explorers
Lesson 4: The French and Indian War
Lesson 5: The Proclamation Line
Lesson 6: The American Revolution
Lesson 7: The Northwest Territory
Lesson 8: The Illinois Territory
Lesson 9: Statehood
Lesson 10: Government

Illinois History is a complete literacy-based unit that includes all of the Nonfiction Informational Text and a range of higher and lower level hands-on activities:

  • Questions after each of the 10 Illinois History lessons to assess Informational Text Comprehension
  • Thought-Provoking Discussion Questions that encourage Critical Thinking
  • How-to-Draw activities following step-by-step directions to practice Functional Text Comprehension
  • Reference Map Skills using Cardinal and Intermediate Directions to plot historical places of interest on a map
  • Reference Map Skills plotting number pairs on a Coordinate Grid
  • Primary and Secondary Source Differentiation
  • Historical Time Lines using Picture Cues~great for ELL Students
  • Creative, Expository, and Persuasive Writing assignments~graphic organizers, outlines, and pre-writing questions included
  • Grid Math using Number and Letter Coordinates to solve Grid Puzzles
  • Vocabulary Activities and Quizzes

Students will practice Functional Text Comprehension by following directions to build a Covered Wagon model~all patterns and step-by-step directions included!

We’ve included a context-appropriate Illinois History Glossary, Answer Pages, and Grading Rubrics for the higher level Illinois History Writing assignments.

Download the Illinois History Preview to see the complete Table of Contents, Lesson Plans, State and Common Core Standard Alignment, and sample lessons and Illinois History activities.




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