Nevada Program


DO NEVADA! is a comprehensive Social Studies curriculum designed for Nevada History teachers and homeschool parents searching for a Nevada state studies program aligned with the 4th grade Nevada Social Studies Standards.

The two-book Do Nevada! set includes everything you need:

  • a Nevada Teacher’s Edition with 24 reproducible Geography, Animals, History, Government, and Economy lessons (all nonfiction informational content included!)
  • a Nevada Teacher’s Resource with a balanced mix of higher and lower level hands-on Nevada activities

In addition, Do Nevada! features a comprehensive Literature Study Guide that coincides with Nevada’s State Standards for Social Studies.  We’ve included an Annotated Bibliography, Discussion Cards, Comprehension and Vocabulary activities, Writing Projects, Book Talks, and a Student Record Sheet for keeping track of required assignments.

Make copies of the Do Nevada! lessons from your Teacher’s Edition and copies of the activities using your Teacher’s Resource. Or, you might consider purchasing one of our Homeschool or Classroom packages which include our sturdy spiral bound Do Nevada! Student Editions, giving each child his or her own book with the 24 Nevada lessons.

The Do Nevada! Student Editions will last year after year, saving you time and money at the copy machine. Each Classroom Package includes a free Teacher’s Edition/Teacher’s Resource, giving you the flexibility to mix and match packages until you have enough Student Editions for your entire class!

Download the Do Nevada! Preview to view the Table of Contents, Lesson Plans, State Standard Alignment, and samples of the Nevada lessons and activities.






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