Sarah, Plain and Tall Novel Study


SARAH, PLAIN AND TALL is a 95-page Novel Study that spans the entire curriculum for an in-depth literature study of the book Sarah, Plain and Tall.

We’ve packed Sarah, Plain and Tall with a balanced mix of higher and lower level hands-on Sarah, Plain and Tall activities that include:

  • Sarah, Plain and Tall chapter questions in two formats: multiple choice and short answer
  • thought-provoking Sarah, Plain and Tall discussion questions to stimulate prior knowledge
  • Sarah, Plain and Tall vocabulary cards, quizzes, and context clues activities
  • reference mapping skills using cardinal and intermediate directions
  • reference mapping skills using number pairs on a coordinate grid to plot points of interest on a map
  • character webs for Caleb, Sarah, and Anna
  • plant research and classification Science project~all plant content and patterns included
  • Sarah, Plain and Tall 3D miniature log cabin~all patterns and step-by-step directions included
  • elements of Sarah, Plain and Tall literature~point of view activity and story

We have also included a Sarah, Plain and Tall glossary, Answer Pages, Grading Rubrics, reproducible Sarah, Plain and Tall character bookmarks, and certificates to give students upon completion of the Sarah, Plain and Tall literature study.

Download the Sarah, Plain and Tall Literature Study Preview to see the complete Table of Contents, Lesson Plans, and sample Activities.




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