Southwest States


THE SOUTHWEST STATES UNIT  features five nonfiction informational text lessons with engaging lower and higher level hands-on activities to provide students with an in-depth study of the Southwest Region and the four Southwest States (Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.)

Students will explore the history of each Southwest state’s first people, early explorers, famous colonists and leaders, early government, important battles and wars, and each state’s journey to statehood.

In addition, every lesson in the Southwest States Unit has been professionally recorded with words and music. Set up a Listening Center for your reluctant readers or use the audio to enhance whole group instruction!

The Southwest States includes a balanced mix of lower and higher level hands-on activities that focus on:

  • questions after each of the five lessons to assess informational text comprehension
  • language skills activities to reinforce literacy in Social Studies
  • reference mapping skills utilizing lines of latitude and longitude, the equator, and the prime meridian to plot points of interest on a Southwest States map
  • reference mapping skills using cardinal and intermediate directions to plot historic places of interest on a map
  • journal writing activity about life on the Trail of Tears
  • scale mapping using scale rulers to trace and measure the route traveled by Spanish conquistador Francisco Coronado through the Southwest
  • grid math activities using letter pairs to solve a mystery puzzle
  • Abraham Lincoln biography followed by thought-provoking discussion questions to stimulate critical thinking
  • Southwest States research and puzzle activity
  • Southwest States vocabulary and states and capitals quizzes~context-appropriate glossary, grading rubrics, and answer pages included

The Southwest States is one of EIGHT titles in our US Regions Series. Purchase the Southwest States separately or save money and get FREE SHIPPING by purchasing the entire US REGIONS BUNDLE.

Download the Southwest States Preview to see the complete Table of Contents, Lesson Plans, sample Lessons, and Activities.



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