Westward Expansion Interactive Notebook Activities

Our Interactive Westward Expansion Unit is a ten lesson program. Our goal is a curriculum that you can use the very first day you purchase our materials. No lessons to plan, comprehension questions to write, activities to create, or vocabulary words to define. Simply open the book and start teaching!  

Each of the ten lessons in this Westward Expansion Unit include:

  • Nonfiction informational text content – no additional textbook needed
  • Comprehension questions about each lesson
  • Glossary for vocabulary
  • Answer keys and grading rubrics

In addition, this Unit has an interactive notebook vocabulary organizer with all patterns, templates, and step-by-step directions included for each lesson.

Each lesson also includes an additional interactive organizer exploring the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Gold Rush, famous trails West, and conflicts such as the Texas Revolution and Mexican War.

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